Point Differential Plays and Rulings

Play: Home team scores on the TD and Try to go up 30 - 0 with 24 seconds left on the GC in the 4th QT. The R winds the GC when he marks the ball ready prior to the KO. The Home Team does not KO. Time Expires on the GC. Ruling. Game Over, Home Team wins 30 - 0. Since the Game Clock starts when the R marks the ball ready, the Home Team does not have to KO.

Play: Home team is winning 49 - 0 at half time. Both the HT and VT HC’s get together at halftime & agree to shorten the Varsity Game Quarters – reducing them from 12 minutes to 8 minutes in the second half. Since the HC’s have reduced the quarter length, they ask the Crew not to apply the new OHSAA Point Differential Rule. Ruling: Apply the Point Differential Rule in the 2nd half. Good Communication by the Crew – explain to both HC’s that the Point Differential Rule will be applied, then ask them if they still want to shorten the 3rd & 4th Quarters.