2023 Quiz 6

This week’s quiz is prepared by Greg Bartemes in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. 4th/11 on B’s 15 YL. QB A12 is in the shotgun formation with RB A24 lined up next to them. A12 turns to their SL and began walking toward the SL shouting at the HC “What’s the play, we don’t know the play”, just then the ball is snapped to A24 who runs a sweep to the opposite SL for a first down. Legal play?

  2. 4th/12 on K’s 18 YL. K, in punt formation, has players confused at the wide out position. The LJ informs the WR they are off the line and punches them back. This puts 5 men in the BF and the LJ flags the infraction. R returns the punt to K’s 16 YL. R declines the penalty and wants the ball at the 16 YL.

  3. Runner A23 is advancing towards B’s GL and is very near the SL. A23 advances into B’s EZ but was holding the ball outside the SL and pylon. The HL ruled TD.

  4. Runner A23 is advancing towards B’s GL and is very near the SL. A23 dives toward the GL, but is hit by B51 which causes him to land OOB beyond the GL extended. A23’s last contact with the ground was short of the GL. The HL ruled TD as the ball crossed the GL extended.

  5. 4th/8 on K’s 31 YL. K87 punts downfield, R22 muffs the punt and K43 recovers. What is the status of the GC? What is the status of the PC?

  6. A43 runs the ball for a 12-yard gain, is hit and fumbles. B47 scoops the ball and returns for 14 yards and hit and fumbles. A53 recovers the last fumble. What is the status of the GC? What is the status of the PC?

  7. A24 is engaged with B51 in close line play. A24’s helmet comes completely off as the play goes downfield without being caused by a foul by any member of B. A24, without his helmet, continues to block B51 downfield and remains in contact for 12 yards downfield. The R ruled it was a legal play since A24 was engaged with the same player regardless of the time and distance.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. The QB threw a very deep ball down the middle of the field to a WR who was covered by two receivers. The pass came down between the two defenders with the WR making the catch in a crouching position and falling to the ground. The BJ killed the clock then gave the catch signal.

  2. After each first down the R points downfield once at a 45 deg angle duplicating signal 8 from page 96 in the Rule Book.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. During week 9 of the regular season two freshman teams are playing for the freshman conference title. Since both teams are undefeated the HC’s asked the officials before the game if they can play OT in case of a tie so they have a true established conference champ. The officials agreed to only 1 OT period.