2023 Quiz 5

This week’s quiz is prepared by Eric Mauk in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. 4/9 K24 - K punts on fourth down. The punt is high and short and will not cross the line of scrimmage. R82 alertly signals for a fair catch at the K20 YL. K28, not expecting a fair catch, contacts R82. The contact is mild, is not unsportsmanlike, and does not displace the runner. The officials rule no foul.

  2. 1/10 A43 – Following the RPF, Center A54 has both hands on the ball to snap. After B shifts, A54 takes his hands off of the ball to give blocking instructions. The officials blow the whistle and administer a 5-yard snap infraction foul.

  3. 3/9 B12 – B has possession of the ball in an OT period and has decided to kick a field goal as A did not score on their possession. Holder K14 rises to catch an errant snap, then puts his knee on the ground to hold for the kick. The covering officials blows the play dead. The officials prepare to start the second OT period.

  4. K Free Kick from the K40YL – K’s kickoff is short and bounces in front at the R41YL. R56 waves for a fair catch of the grounded kick at the R40YL but R81 catches the ball and runs it back for a touchdown. R56 draws a penalty for an invalid fair catch signal.

  5. K Free Kick from the K40YL – The kick comes down between two receivers and comes to rest at the R5YL. R39 tries to pick up the ball, but accidently kicks it into the end zone, where it is recovered and downed by R46. The officials rule A’s ball 1/10 on the A20YL.

  6. 1/10 A35YL – Passer A12 scrambles in his own backfield as the blocking breaks down. As he is about to go down, he throws a backwards pass that is caught by A37, who is outside the hash marks. As the defense closes, A37 throws the ball 15 yards downfield and 5 yards out of bounds. The officials rule a legal play.

  7. 4/10 K7YL – K14 is in scrimmage kick formation in K’s EZ. K14 drops the snap and then kicks the ball off the ground and out of the K end zone. The officials rule a safety.


  1. 3/12 on A35 – A9 rolls out to pass and is under duress. A64 is at the A40YL when A9 throws the ball close to the original LOS. The U goes to the wing at the end of the play to ask where the pass came down. The ruling is that the pass was completed behind the LOS, so no ineligible downfield foul on A64 was called.

  2. Try – K comes out in a muddle huddle set with six players lined up 10 yards left of the snapper. The U and the BJ remain under the goalpost and adjust their pre-snap keys.


  1. The home team complains during the second quarter that it has lost communications with the press box. It wants the visiting team to cease its communications as well.