2023 Quiz 4

This week’s quiz is prepared by Greg Bartemes in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. 2/9 from B’s 22YL. A12 throws a pass to A80 inside the 5YL. The pass is intercepted by B41 at the 3YL and his momentum carries him into the EZ, the BJ sounds his whistle ruling a touchback.

  2. 3/10 from A’s 14YL. A12 throws a pass to A80 which is intercepted by B41 and returned for a TD. A62 grabs the facemask of blocker B33 and throws him to the ground and is flagged for PF facemask during the return. The crew told B’s HC they had to decline the penalty to keep the points.

  3. A12 throws a screen pass to RB A22. A22 breaks free and runs down the SL for 50 yards then cuts across the field. The WR A16 from the far side comes over and legally blocks B21, a much smaller player and stands over top of him. B30 runs up behind A16 and pushes him squarely in the back. The LJ flags A16 for UNS and B30 for BIB. A22 is tackled at B’s 10YL. After a crew discussion they offset the penalties and replayed the down since they were both LB fouls.

  4. In the last few seconds of the half, A12 completes a pass to A80 at B’s 20YL for a first down. The ball is properly spotted and the R winds the game clock. All A players were set except a WR. The ball is snapped and the QB legally spiked the ball to stop the game clock. After enforcing the penalty for an illegal shift, the R did not start the game clock on the ready.

  5. A12 dropped back to pass, does not find a receiver and is under a heavy rush. A12 scrambled outside the free-blocking zone and threw a pass to an unoccupied area in the defensive backfield. The R threw a flag for an illegal forward pass telling the HC the QB must throw the ball OOB and across the LOS to meet the requirements of the exception.

  6. During a TD pass by A, B was flagged for pass interference. The HC for A chose to have the penalty enforced on the subsequent KO. On a successful Try kick, B is flagged for running into the kicker. The R told A’s HC they have to decline the penalty for running into the kicker since there is already a penalty on the KO.

  7. During a free kick from K’s 40 YL, K32 initiates contact against R52 prior to the ball traveling past the RT’s receiving line. The U flagged K32 for an illegal block. The crew administered the foul as a loose ball play since the foul happened prior to the kick ending and had K re-kick from the 30YL.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. 1/10 for A from A’s 13YL. Both the CJ and R take a position on the GL and 10 yards wide of the QB.

  2. The RB sweeps right and goes OOB at the - 45 YL into the opponent’s bench. The BJ left the HM and hustled to the SL and went into the team box to assist the wing official, making sure the RB gets back on the field without any issues.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. During a freshman game the LJ was allowing the HT coaches in the RA during a live ball. At halftime the R mentioned to him what he observed in the first half. The LJ said I only enforce that rule on Friday nights.