2023 Quiz 3

This week’s quiz is prepared by Jerry Peters in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. A SK by K12 is partially blocked in the NZ by R56. The SK goes beyond the NZ where R80 is trying to gain possession but muffs the ball back behind the NZ. K 34 picks up the ball behind the NZ and advances for a TD.

  2. FG attempt. R88 is standing in R’s EZ near the EL. R88 jumps into the air and blocks the FGA knocking it down and falling in the EZ.

  3. K14’s punt is partially blocked behind the NZ by R53. It travels airborne beyond the NZ. R65 is in position to catch the ball but the ball touches K55’s helmet first. R61 recovers the ball.

  4. After a high punt R32 catches the ball, runs 2 yards, stops, and gives a FC signal. The crew calls this an invalid FC signal and enforces the foul as a PSK foul.

  5. R87 and R80 are back to catch a punt. R80 catches a punt and starts to advance. After R80 starts to advance, R87 gives a fair catch signal and R players stop playing around him. The BJ throws a flag for illegal fair catch signal.

  6. K10’s punt is low and hits K60 in the shoulder in the NZ. The ball is blown dead and first touching is signaled by the U.

  7. R81 and R83 are back to receive a punt. The kick is high. R81 gives a proper fair catch signal, yet R83 catches the ball and is immediately hit by K25. The BJ throws a flag for KCI on K25.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. When any A/K player goes OOB without being blocked OOB during a live ball play the covering official should drop his BB where the player went OOB.

  2. During a measurement, the R should face the PB to decide.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. The HT requests the halftime be extended to 25 minutes instead of 20 minutes. The R tells them this is fine