2022 Quiz 5

This week’s quiz is prepared by Eric Mauk in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. A 3/9 on B47YL – A11 throws a deep pass that is intercepted by B37 at the B 3 YL. His momentum takes him into the EZ where he tries to escape before being downed. During the attempted runback, B54 blocks A83 in the back in the EZ. The officials enforce the foul from the B 3 YL.

  2. A 2/12 on B42YL – A67 is lined up at left tackle. DT B75 is lined up between the guard and the tackle. At the snap, A67 immediately drops low, takes two steps (crab like) toward B75 and contacts him below the waist. The U throws a flag for an illegal block below the waist.

  3. A 2/7 on A38YL – B29 intercepts A’s pass and begins a return. B59 commits a BSB at the 50YL. The returner is brought down on the A4 and a horse-collar foul in committed by A23. The officials offset the fouls and allow B to keep the ball at the A2.

  4. K Free Kick from the K40YL – K’s free kick lands at the RT 6YL and bounces high into the air. R25 is running toward his own end zone and catches the ball on the RT 2 YL. His momentum takes him into the EZ where he is tackled. The BJ invokes the momentum exception and awards R the ball first-and-ten at the B 2YL.

  5. A 2/10 A39YL – A24 runs 5 yards to the A44YL. The down box is mistakenly flipped to fourth down. A sends out its punt team when the CJ notices the error and changes the down back to third. A is allowed to bring its offense back on the field.


  1. A 3/12 on A35 – A87 attempts to catch a low pass 10 yards downfield and is contacted legally by B43 near the ground. The hit turns A87 away from the sideline as he goes to the ground to complete the catch. The LJ comes in to rule on the field, but hesitates to look at the U, who is coming toward the play.

  2. A 4/G on B7 – A 94 is lining up for a field goal. The CJ is lined up 5 YDS deeper than the holder and 10 YDS wide for the best view of action on the holder.


  1. Team A comes out for pregame warmup with a player wearing the #0 jersey.

  2. During an early offensive huddle, the CJ notices that the home team QB is covering the earholes of his helmet and is speaking to someone and upon asking, the CJ discovers that the QB is using a transmitter in his helmet to converse with his coaches.