2022 Quiz 3

This week’s quiz is prepared by Jerry Peters in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. Team K sets up for a PAT with the ball is placed in the middle of the field @ the +3 YL. They line up in a muddle huddle. A81 is the snapper and is uncovered. 5 lineman (50-79) and A88 who is a Tight End are all on the LOS and outside the left HM. The ball is snapped and A81 goes downfield into B’s EZ and catches a pass for the 2 point conversion. The U flags this play for illegal touching.

  2. During a run by A34, A56 is flagged for holding, then A34 fumbles and the loose ball is recovered by B38 who runs for a TD. While the ball was loose B65 is flagged for a facemask on the A12 YL. The officials get together and rule this a double foul and the R signals the fouls offset, and the down will be replayed.

  3. During an unsuccessful Try B35 is flagged for holding A80. A’s HC accepts the penalty but wants to decline the distance as his kicker is more comfortable kicking from the previous spot.

  4. After a high punt R32 catches the ball, runs 2 yards, stops, and gives a FC signal. The crew calls this an invalid FC signal and enforces the foul as a PSK foul.

  5. K10’s FG attempt is blocked behind the NZ. The ball goes beyond the NZ where R65 muffs it back behind the NZ. K78 picks up the ball and throws it to eligible K80 who runs for a TD. The crew states K78 cannot recover a blocked FG attempt that has been muffed by an R player.

  6. With 1:47 remaining in the 2Q with the GC running B is flagged for defensive holding. The A runner is tackled inbounds. The LJ tells his HC he has the options of starting the GC on the snap or the RFP. B’s HC declines the penalty, and the R winds the GC. The HC states he wants the GC to start on the snap. The officials tell B’s HC if he declines the penalty, he loses his right to start the GC on the snap.

  7. A’s HC is out of TO’s. After a penalty is administered A’s HC requests a conference with the R to discuss what he believes is a misapplication of a rule. The officials tell him he cannot do this as he is out of TO’s for the half

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. On a play where the LTG is met the HL is the only official who signals 1st down to the R.

  2. In Reverse Mechanics the ball is snapped between the -10Yl and -15YL. The R and CJ’s IP’s are on the GL.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. During the 1Q the west PC goes out. The R tells the HC’s that one PC out is okay.