2022 Quiz 2

This week’s quiz is prepared by Eric Mauk in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. A 1/10 on A’s 20YL – At the snap, A65 blocks B78 between the shoulders and the waist. Simultaneously, A59 blocks B78 below the waist but above the knees. The U penalizes A for an illegal chop block.

  2. A 3/17 on B’s 39YL – Out of timeouts, A is trailing 7-6 with 17 seconds left in the 4th quarter. A81 catches a pass on the B15 and is tackled there in bounds with 10 seconds left. B58 is flagged for pass interference for restricting a potential receiver. A declines the 15 yard penalty and tries to kick the game winning field goal but time expires prior to the snap.

  3. A 3/9 on B’s 26YL – A14 is a passer and has remained in the free blocking zone throughout the play. Unable to find an open receiver, A14 throws the ball out of bounds away from any Team A receiver and short of the LOS. While in the motion of throwing the ball, B74 pulls A14’s jersey with enough force to alter his throwing motion. A14 is called for intentional grounding.

  4. K Free Kick from the K’s 40YL – K’s kickoff comes down at the R7 and is muffed by R20. Unable to secure the ball, he intentionally kicks it through the back of his/her own end zone to prevent K from recovering it.

  5. A 3/9 on A’s 24YL – A12 drops back to pass and is under pressure. He/she retreats to the A5YL and being chased outside the nine yard marks when he/she throws the ball out of bounds to avoid a loss of yardage. The ball crosses the sideline at the A15, but does not reach the neutral zone extended beyond the sideline. A is penalized for intentional grounding.

  6. A 2/4 on A’s 39YL – A39 is lined up as a slot back and is off the line and outside the tackle box at the snap. A39 runs a jet sweep style motion and gets a handoff from A13 in the tackle box. A39 is still in the tackle box when he/she is pressured and throws the ball OOB well past the LOS. A39 is penalized for intentional grounding.

  7. A2/9 on B’s 38 – A10 is under duress outside the tackle box and throws a pass into an unoccupied area. The pass is headed toward the neutral zone when B 78 knocks it down to the ground. The LJ throws a flag for intentional grounding. Ruling?


  1. A passer is under duress outside of the tackle box and throws a pass very near the LOS to avoid a loss of yardage. How does the crew rule on whether or not the ball reached the LOS?

  2. A3/2 on A’s 45YL – A12 is sacked at the A36. After ensuring there is no dead-ball action to cover, the CJ spots the ball at the A36 for the fourth-down play.


  1. A team has petitioned the OHSAA to extend their team box to the 10YL. They have the proper documentation to support. During a live-ball situation, the HC is in the team box at the 15YL giving instruction to his team. This is the first instance of this during the game.