2022 Quiz 1

This week’s quiz is prepared by Greg Bartemes in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. A68 is on the LOS and in the Free Blocking Zone (FBZ). B78 is on the defensive LOS in the FBZ and head up on A72, the player lined up next to A68. At the snap A68 steps and immediately goes low to block B78 as A72 pulls to lead a sweep around the end.

  2. At the snap QB A12 rolls right on a play – a run-pass option. The left tackle A78 does not have a player to block as the defense followed the QB. A78, thinking the QB will run the ball, goes after a LB 4 YDS off the LOS, but at the last second the QB threw an incomplete pass down field. The HL did not throw a flag, telling B’s HC since the play was to the opposite side of the field and A78 did not affect the play there’s no foul.

  3. During a Try for 2 points B22 is flagged for a DPI on a complete pass to A82 for a successful 2 pts. The R gave the penalty signal then the decline signal then signaled it was a successful Try with a TD signal.

  4. K45 punts to R32, who catches the punt cleanly and returns the punt for a 30 yard gain. Prior to the kick K22 is flagged for a low block in the backfield trying to prevent a block. The R gave RT’s HC the choice of accepting the penalty and having K re-kick or decline the penalty to take the 30 yard gain on the punt return.

  5. A25 runs the ball through the line where B52 tackles the runner and is flagged for a facemask penalty. At the end of the down, the officials kill the GC, administer the penalty and the R blows the RFP whistle and winds the GC and the 40 second PC.

  6. A82 catches a pass over the middle of the field, B32 hits A82 with helmet to helmet contact as soon as the catch is made. The BJ throws a flag for a PF Targeting foul and tells the R that B32 is automatically ejected for the targeting foul.

  7. After a long incomplete pass down the field the younger ball person on the sideline was not paying attention which resulted in a long delay for the officials to spot the ball. The PC was at 22 secs and the teams were ready so the R anticipated a quick snap so no correction to the PC was made.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. At the end of the 1st QT the LJ recorded the YL, down and distance and moved downfield to the new location while monitoring their team. Once in position, the LJ had his hand up as a “stop sign” signal to the R until both teams were in position to start the 2nd QT.

  2. K lines up for a FG using a right-footed kicker and the 6-person crew moves to their designated IP’s. The R goes to the plant-leg side of the kicker 5 yds deep and 10 yds wide from the holder and the CJ mirrors the R on the non-plant leg side of the kicker.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. With 7:21 left in the 1st QT the LJ throws a flag for a degrading and unsportsmanlike comment made from the HT’s bench area. The LJ informed the HC that they would be charged with the UNS foul since it is their responsibility for the behavior of their bench.