2021 Quiz 8

This week’s quiz is prepared by Eric Mauk in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. A3/10 from A32YL - The officials mistakenly rule fourth-down for A, causing them to punt to B. B gets the ball 1/10 and the R blows the RFP. The Crew then realizes the mistake prior to the snap and corrects the mistake, returning the ball to A for its third- down play.

  2. A 4/4 from A48YL – K punts to the RT 12YL. RT 48 does not attempt to catch the ball and K players surround the ball as it stops rolling. The ball comes to rest and directly after, RT 48 runs in, picks up the ball and returns it to the RT40.

  3. A 4/4 from B14YL – K is preparing to kick a game winning FG with 0:03 left on the GC. The kick is blocked and is rolling loose behind in the K backfield. The officials blow the play dead and seeing 0:00 on the GC, walk off the field. Meanwhile, K33 has recovered the ball and scored.

  4. A 4/7 from A41YL – K punts to RT48, who waves one hand laterally across his/her chest prior to catching the kick at the B31YL. K46 & K 23, thinking that the wave signified a fair catch, slows and does not contact RT48. RT48, seeing the kicking team stop, runs downfield for a TD. The BJ rules an Invalid Fair Catch Signal, and calls back the TD.

  5. Free Kick from K40 – The free kick is high and short and bounces untouched OOB at the R36YL. Without asking the HC, the officials put the ball in play 1/10 for A at the A36.

  6. A 1/G B2YL – B commits successive dead-ball encroachment fouls, moving the ball to the 1⁄2 YL. B73 then commits two more encroachment fouls, moving the ball four inches from the GL. After the fourth one, the R awards a TD to A.


  1. A 3/12 on A35 – After changing ends between the 3Q & 4Q, the U became confused and lined up in the offense’s backfield. Realizing his/her mistake, the U tries to get to the proper IP but the ball is snapped. Pulling guard A66 runs into the U and A25 is tackled at the A33.

  2. Free Kick from K40 – The IP for the U is at the 50YL, two yards OOB on the VT SL. The free kick is high and short, coming down near the R40, between the hashmarks and the VT SL. Instead of running in to the hash marks, the U stays still and rules on the play from the SL.

  3. A 2/9 on A35, 0:06 in the 3Q – A27 runs a sweep to the left side and A59 is called for holding. Who is responsible for determining GC status and requirements for an untimed down?


  1. Both teams prepare to enter the field before the game, stopping at the opposite ends of the field and waiting underneath the goalposts. As the GC approaches 0:00, neither team is showing any indication that they will come out first.