2021 Quiz 2

This week’s quiz is prepared by Eric Mauk in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. A73 is lined up as the offensive guard. B63 is lined up directly in front of him on the LOS. At the snap, A73 stands up as to feign a pass-blocking stance and then immediately initiates a low block on B63.

  2. A79 is lined up as the left offensive tackle. B60 is lined up over left guard A52, 2-3 feet away from A79, but on the LOS. At the snap, A79 immediately executes a ‘reach’ block, going low and to his right and makes contact with B60 below the waist. A52 blocks down on nose tackle B75 and does not contact B60. The umpire throws a flag for BBW.

  3. 4/9 on B26YL – R48 is in position to field a scrimmage kick at the A37YL. The punt hits the ground at the A40 and bounces high into the air. R48 moves laterally to catch the bounce and his path to the ball is affected by the presence of K29. A37 cannot reach the ball, which bounces OOB at the A26 YL. The BJ rules 1/10 for R at the A26.

  4. K Free Kick from the K40YL – K executes a high, short kickoff, designed to land behind the first wave of blockers. The ball is blown back toward the K EZ and is coming down in the neutral zone. R12 gives a valid fair-catch signal at the K48 and is contacted by K58 before making the catch. Options?

  5. K Free Kick from the K40YL – K’s kick is deep and coming down near the sideline. R21 is tracking the flight of the ball and is standing on the sideline when he catches the kick at the R24YL. The LJ kills the play and awards the ball to A 1/10 on the A24.

  6. K Free Kick from the K40YL – K has 4 players lined up left of the kicker and 6 to the right. They are all lined up on the K36YL. After the RFP, as the kicker starts his/her run to the ball, K25 (who is on the left side of the kicker) goes in motion toward the kicker. During his/her motion he/she drops back 2 yards, from where he/she had been lined up, but is at the K37YL and is still to the left of the kicker when the kick is made.

  7. K Free Kick from the K40YL – The kick is caught by R48 on the R 2YL. As he/she starts his/her return, he/she reverses field and crosses the GL into his/her end zone. He/she runs the ball out of the EZ and returns it for a TD. The officials rule the play as a TD for RT.


  1. Defensive holding is called on B26 by the U at the B35YL. The flag is properly thrown at the spot of the foul in the SZ. The end of the run is the B39YL. The U informs the R with a prelim signal and then tells the HL so that he/she can report the info to the HC. The HL goes to speak to the HC & U begins to mark off the yardage from the spot of the foul.

  2. 3/2 on A45 – A32 is tackled by the numbers after a two-yard gain. The LJ comes in, marks the spot and calls for the ball, which had been dropped after the play by the back. The BJ tosses the ball to the LJ, who drops it, retrieves it and spots it correctly for determination of a first down.


  1. Free Kick from the K40YL – The kick is caught by R48 who starts his/her return and is at the K40 yard line on his/her way to an apparent TD when the stadium lights go out.