2020 Quiz 9 - Rules Geek

This week’s quiz is prepared by Jerry Peters association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. A, 4/5 @ B’s 25 YL. A10 is tackled at the B’s 26 YL, short of the LTG. After A10 is tackled and the ball is dead, B1 piles on. After the penalty is enforced the R signals A 1/10 @ B’s 13 YL.

  2. The U has examined and approved the footballs provided by each team prior to the game. During the game, the weather condition changes for the worse. The HT requests to have additional footballs approved during the halftime break for use throughout the remainder of the game.

  3. B30 is guilty of running into kicker A15 during an unsuccessful Try. A’s HC wants to accept the penalty and replay the down, but wishes to decline the distance penalty because A15 is more comfortable kicking from the previous distance. The R informs A’s HC he cannot decline the distance if he accepts penalty.

  4. K, 4/5 @ K’s 5 YL. K10’s punt is muffed in flight beyond the NZ by R45 and rebounds into K’s end zone where it’s recovered by K20. K20 is tackled in his EZ. The R signals a TB.

  5. A, 1/10 @ A’s 20 YL. Snapper A60 takes his position over the ball at A’s 20 YL and places one or both hands on the ball. The RFP signal is given and as A60 begins his motion to snap the ball, B55 swipes at the ball knocking it out of A60’s hands before he has released the ball for the snap. B55 falls on the ball at A’s 18 YL. The R signals 1/10 for B.

  6. A, 1/G @ B’s 5 YL. B34 intercepts A10’s forward pass in B’s EZ. B34 immediately throws a legal BWP to B22. B22 muffs the BWP and it goes OOB across the SL behind B’s GL. The LJ signals a safety.

  7. Missed frequently! A, 4/G @ B’s 2 YL. Runner A25 is pulled at the LOS by teammate A32 in an effort to get A25 into the EZ. B’s HC tells the R this is illegal and the R states it’s not illegal.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. On a FK that’s kicked close to RT’s GL. R10 catches the FK on the 1/2 YL. The R winds the GC and the HL blows his whistle and signals a TB.

  2. A, 2/7 @ B’s 40 YL. A40 runs OOB @ B’s 39 YL. The R and BJ go into B’s team box.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. As the officials are walking onto the field before the game there is lightning and thunder. The Athletic Director (AD) asks the officials if there will be a 30-minute delay. The officials tell the AD they do not take authority for the contest until the first RFP whistle and that any delay is at his discretion.