2020 Quiz 7 - Upon Further Review

This week’s quiz is prepared by Eric Mauk association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. A throws a long pass toward the end zone as time is running out for the half. A82 is called for OPI. The ball is intercepted by B27 and is returned for a TD. During the return the GC expires and there are two block-in-the-back fouls called. The crew offsets the penalties and replays the down.

  2. K 4/9 on K30YL. K is in scrimmage kick formation. At the snap, R79 immediately holds and takes down K55. The hold takes place in the neutral zone. R48 makes a fair catch at the R34. The HL rules that the hold on R should be enforced from the LOS, giving K a first down on its 40YL.

  3. A 3/10 on B15YL. A12 runs to the B10 where he is tackled. A12 spikes the ball at the end of the play, drawing a UNS foul. Seconds later, B72 curses at the official and draws a UNS. The crew offset the two UNS fouls and mark it A 4/5 on the B10.

  4. A 4/8 on A24YL. A is in scrimmage kick formation. The snap goes over the punter’s head, where it is recovered at the A8. The punter manages to kick the ball, and is then roughed by B48. The kick rolls to the A14, where it is surrounded by players from both teams. K9 picks up the ball, stands for a second, and runs for a TD. The crew declines the RTK foul and awards the score.

  5. K 4/15 on A24YL. K is in scrimmage kick formation. K27 and K87 both shift to their blocking positions just as the ball is snapped. R29 makes a fair catch at the R49. What are the options?

  6. A 2/3 on A37. A19 scrambles and throws a forward pass from the A46. The pass is incomplete. During the play, A60 is flagged for being illegally downfield.

  7. K 4/12 on K49. K7 lines up four yards behind the LOS and after receiving the snap, executes a quick kick, punting the ball to the R12 where it is downed. The LJ throws a flag for kicking from fewer than seven yards behind the LOS.


  1. A 3/13, A47 YL. A74 is called for holding at the B49. The run ends at the B47. Upon confirmation of the call, the U takes the ball and marches 10 yards from the spot of the foul and signals third down.

  2. A14, in an effort to avoid being sacked, throws a forward pass 30 yards downfield and 10 yards OOB. The R, BJ and Wing on the side of the pass all throw their flags for intentional grounding. They get together and agree on the call prior to enforcement.


  1. 3/5 on B22. A86 is lined up wide, with his mouthpiece hanging from his helmet. The HL does not see the mouthpiece until the play has started. He throws the flag for Failure to Wear Required Equipment.