2020 Quiz 5 - The Whistle

This week’s quiz is prepared by Greg Bartemes association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. K is in position to KO in an obvious onside kick situation. K12 kicks the ball in the air just over the heads of the first row of RT players. R23 from the second row of players in the formation runs under the ball while making a fair catch signal. At the same time K43 jumps up and bats the kick to keep R23 from catching the kick. The LJ throws a flag for KCI. The HC for the kicking team wants an explanation because the ball had gone 10 yds.

  2. QB A12 throws a completed pass to A88 at the +30 YL. After the pass, B77 is flagged for roughing the passer. After the catch and tackle B42, is flagged for a late hit on A88. The R gave the offense the option of choosing one of the two fouls since both would add 15YDS to the end of the play, making it A’s ball 1st and 10 from the +15 YL.

  3. K87 tries an unexpected onside kick and kicks the ball through the front line of the RT players and OOB at the RT’s 38 YL. The U throws the flag and marks the spot. After checking with the HC the BJ said they want the ball on the 35 YL.

  4. R22 is running near the sideline as he attempts to catch the KO. R22 stops with one foot on the sideline, reaches through the plane of the sideline and the ball bounces off his hands and falls OOB. The LJ throws a flag at the spot and rules the free kick OOB.

  5. K84 is in punt formation with a very heavy rush. R51 reaches up and just tips the ball as it leaves the kicker’s foot. As a result, the punt only travels 20 YDS down field where R22 gets into position to catch the ball but the ball hits K42 on the shoulder first. The BJ throws a flag for KCI.

  6. A22 is running on an attempted 2-pt Try. Prior to reaching the goal line B51 hits A22 causing a fumble into the EZ. B63 seeing the ball in the EZ bats the ball over the end line. The BJ throws a flag for the illegal bat. The R ruled the try no-good and gave Team A the option of the illegal bat on the subsequent KO.

  7. K is in position for the game’s opening KO. Their formation has a player 10 YDS behind the ball, 4 players to the left all in front of the -35 YL and 6 players to the right all in front of the -35 YL. The R blows the ready-for-play and the apparent kicker approaches the ball when the first player to the right cuts in front and attempts an onside kick which goes OOB short of the 50 YL. The officiating Crew offered the RT the 4 options for a free kick OOB.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. After a play, the U confronted two opposing players who were trash talking one another. So he informed both players that they have to go to their sideline and sit out 1 play. Once both players got toward their sideline both HC’s asked their players, why are you coming out of the game?

  2. After a 12 YD pass over the middle which, the end had to go down low to the ground to catch, the BJ charged in hard killing the GC and marked the FWP of the catch.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. Right as the ball was snapped, the stadium lights when out completely. The team with the ball at the time was an option team and continued running the play. As a result, of the darkness and some good fakes, no one knew who had the ball and the QB ran around the end for a 35 YD TD. The HC of the defense claimed that was unfair but the officials instructed the HC they could not whistle the play dead since the ball was snapped while the lights were still on.