2020 Quiz 1 - Upon Further Review

This week’s quiz is prepared by Eric Mauk in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. Before the game, the U will check footballs for proper air pressure and condition as has been the case in previous seasons.

  2. Officials must wear face masks to and from the field, and on the field for any pre-game activities.

  3. The U will mark the succeeding spot with an orange bean bag at the end of each play. The bag should remain at that spot until the following play ends.

  4. As the offense breaks the huddle, the center approaches the orange bean bag, and sets the ball on top of it as he prepares for the snap.

  5. On a long incomplete pass down B’s sideline, the BJ will secure the football and either return it to play, or shuttle it across the field to A’s sideline.

  6. On a play very close to the line-to-gain, the covering official will call for the ball and place it at the spot so that the Crew can determine if the LTG was reached.

  7. The center breaks the huddle with the football, enters the neutral zone after the ready- for-play and sets it directly behind the bean bag. After setting the ball, the center removes his hands from the ball, and then resets for the snap.

  8. With the expanded sideline access to allow for social distancing Assistant Coach B is on the 15 YL talking to his team A) prior to; or B) during play.

  9. The Wing Official tells the Ball Person that he/she is allowed on the field to switch balls.

  10. The Crew has 4 officials for a JV Game. The U’s IP is 7 YDS from the LOS during the first series by the home team.