2019 Quiz 7 - Black and White

This week’s Black and White quiz is prepared by Larry Clemmons association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

  1. R1 muffs a KO at the -5 YL. In order to prevent K from recovering the ball, R8 kicks the loose ball out of the back of the EZ.

  2. K, 4/7 from K’s 34 YL. K1’s punt goes almost straight up. R1 signals for a FC at K’s 38 YL. In (a), R1 catches the ball behind K’s LOS at K’s 31 YL and the LJ blows his whistle. In (b), K2 catches the ball behind the LOS at K’s 31 YL and the LJ blows his whistle.

  3. B36isattemptingtotackleQBA12whenhe,(a),makesillegalhelmetcontact,(b) grasps and pulls A12’s face mask. The pass is thrown forward and incomplete.

3a.Same set of circumstances, but A12 keeps the ball and is tackled behind the LOS.

  1. Actual play. The first quarter ends with A, 3/16. The chain crew moves downfield and sets the chains A, 3/6. A runs a play and gains 8 yards. Can the error be corrected?

  2. Actual play. On a FK that is close to going OOB, R1 intentionally goes OOB, stops and then reaches back into the field of play and touches the ball.

  3. A, 3/10 at A’s 30 YL. Eligible A88 goes OOB voluntarily at A’s 40 YL and returns inbounds at midfield. While a legal FP is in flight, B13 interferes with A88. A10’s pass is incomplete.

  4. QB A11, (a), after leaving the game and while in the team box uses a headset to talk to a coach in the press box, or (b), comes to the sideline during a timeout and uses a coach’s headset to talk to another coach in the press box.


  1. The Crew is using radio equipment to communicate during the game. After a penalty, the BJ announces that he has DPI on B24 over the radio without giving the appropriate DPI signal.

  2. Actual play. K, 4/8 punts. The LJ is three yards off the SL on the field of play.


  1. Before the JV game both coaches agree to have FK’s. During the second half one of the coaches, after losing one of his return players to an injury, asks to no longer have FK’s.