2019 Quiz 4 - Black and White

This week’s Black and White quiz is prepared by Larry Clemmons association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

  1. With less than a minute remaining in the game, B trails 21 – 20. In each of the following situations the game clock will start on the RFP. In (a), B17 commits a holding foul during the down. Following the play, A78 commits an UNS conduct foul. In (b), A66 commits a holding foul during the play and following the play B33 commits an UNS foul.

  2. K is in punt formation at K’s 25 YL. K34, K45, and K15 form a shield a few yards in front of the punter. R47 rushes forward and in an attempt to block the kick he leaves his feet. His action takes him straight into the air but he does not attempt to leap over any member of the shield. K45 moves to block R47 and contacts him in the shins causing R47 to tumble head first into the kicker’s leg.

  3. A18 fumbles the ball at A’s four YL. While the ball is still in the air, B91 bats the ball forward and the ball goes OOB behind A’s GL.

  4. Actual play. A86 scores the go ahead TD. B players are slow unpiling from A86. Team A’s mascot runs into the EZ and helps the BJ get the B players off A86.

  5. ForaTry,KdoesnotmakearequestforspottingoftheballandtheUplacesitinthe center of the field. The kick is successful, but both teams foul. For the replay K asks to spot the ball at the right hash mark.

  6. A, 3/7 on A’s 40 YL. A17 hands off to A28 who is hit behind the LOS and fumbles the ball at A’s 36 YL. As the ball is rolling toward the SL, A17 attempts to recover the ball, but muffs it OOB at A’s 30 YL. After the ball goes OOB, A28 shoves B34 and is flagged for a PF at A’s 36 YL. Where is the penalty enforced: from the spot of the fumble, the spot of the foul or the OOB spot?

  7. A, 1/10 at B’s 38 YL. QB A2 takes the snap and runs to his right. A2 stops and turns to this left and throws a backward pass to A37 about 15 yards from A2. After A2 throws the pass he is hit by B54 and knocked to the ground. A37 runs the ball to B’s 35 YL. The HC of A confronts the LOS official and wants B penalized for RTP.


  1. Actual play. The QB throws a swing pass to a running back that is forward. The LJ “punches” an arm forward to signal the pass is forward and not backward.

  2. Actual play. A is on their nine YL. The R is positioned six yards deep in the EZ.


  1. After a game an official posts derogative comments about a school on his Face Book account.