2017 Quiz 9 - Your Call

This week’s Your Call is prepared by Dave Ramsey in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. 3rd and 21 from the KT’s 7 YL. KT’s punt is blocked behind the NZ and rolls untouched OOB at the KT’s 4 YL. Does the KT get to keep the ball since they punted on 3rd down?

  2. A12 throws a long pass from his +40 YL and it is intercepted by B33 at the - 2 YL. B33’s momentum carries him into his own EZ. As B33 begins to run out of his EZ the BJ sounds his whistle. What are B’s options?

  3. Snapper A55 takes his position over the ball and places one or both hands on the FB. The RFP signal is given and as A55 begins the motion to snap the ball, B67 swipes at the FB knocking it out of A55’s hands before he/she released the ball for the snap.

  4. A, 3 & 10, A’s 40 YL. Runner A1 sweeps around the right end. B6 tackles A1 by hitting A1 with his helmet above A1’s shoulders. The HL throws a flag and tells the R it is a targeting foul. The R tells the HL since it is a targeting foul that B6 must be disqualified.

  5. A, 3 & 9 @ B’s 30 YL with 1:30 remaining in the game and the GC is running. A56 false starts. After marking off the false start when will the GC start?

  6. 4th and 10 for KT from the K 15 YL. K19 punts the ball to R33 who catches it at the 50 YL. Immediately following the catch, R33 gives a fair catch signal. Upon seeing the fair catch signal all of the KT players stop their pursuit of R33. R33 then takes off and runs for a TD. Is this a penalty on R33? If it is, when should the official sound his whistle to end the down? If it’s a penalty, where is it enforced from and what is the distance?

  7. A, 4&5 @ B’s 25 YL. A22 is tackled at the B 23 YL, short of the LTG. After A22 is tackled and the ball is dead, B44 piles on.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. KT lines up to punt on 4th and 8. The U lines up so his IP is 7 YDs off the LOS, opposite the R and just outside the tight end.

  2. During Pre-snap Mechanics, how should the Wings position their feet in order to help the A players position themselves on or off the LOS?

OHSAA Regulations

  1. During a down, the officials hear a whistle which appears to be from the stands. This whistle, being heard by the players, caused the players to slow down and eventually stop. The Crew applies the “inadvertent whistle” rule & sounds their whistles to stop the play. What action should the officials do after the down?