2017 Quiz 7 - Your Call

This week’s Your Call is prepared by Dave Ramsey in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. Offensive lineman A59 , finding no defensive player on the LOS to block, moves downfield 3 YDS after a legal pass , that eventually crosses the NZ, has left the passer’s hand. Has A59 committed a foul for ineligible illegally downfield?

  2. With :05 remaining on the GC in the 3Q, A15 takes a handoff from the QB and runs toward the SL in an attempt to make the first down as time expires. A15 is ridden OOB and driven to the ground excessively hard by B1. As A15 gets up he goes into a dance in front of B1. B1 is flagged for personal foul and A15 is flagged for UNS. Should the 3Q be extended?

  3. A, 4/14 @ B’s 30YL. A 10 throws a legal forward pass to A 28 where B 34 commits DPI and intercepts the pass. During B 34’s runback A 65 facemasks B 34 at the 35 YL.

  4. A, 4/11 @ B’s 40 YL. A10 takes the hand-off and runs around the right end to the B 35 YL where B51 tackles runner A10 by tripping him with his foot.

  5. With: 05 seconds left in the 4Q and the score A - 7, B - 14, A10 throws a TD pass to A22. B15 holds A22 before the pass. Time expires during the down. If A ties the game on the Try, the 20 YL OT procedures will be used. What option or options does A have?

  6. A scores a TD as time expires in the 4Q to make the score A-19, B-20. During A’s successful 1 point Try, B is called for roughing the kicker. What are A’s options?

  7. With 1:45 remaining in the 4Q, QB A15 completes a 2nd down pass but it is short of the LTG. A then hurriedly lines up and A15 legally spikes the ball. Before the next snap A66 false starts. B’s HC believes the GC should start on the ready since the GC is under 2 minutes.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. When should the Wings tap their closed fists together (2X) and what are they indicating?

  2. If the football is touching the -10YL is the crew in RM? Which official has responsibility for the GL if at this spot?

OHSAA Regulations

  1. During an 8th grade game A1 is tackled in their EZ for a safety. Does A free kick from their 20 YL?