2016 Quiz 9 - Your Call

This week’s Your Call is prepared by Dave Ramsey in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. A, 1/10 @ B 40 YL. A1 runs OOB at B’s 35YL. After A1 is OOB, B1 charges into A1, knocking him to the ground. A2 retaliates by shoving B1. B1 then swears at A2. A’s coach swears at the LJ after the R has given his signals and the U begins marking off the enforcement.

  2. A, 4/8 @ A 14 YL. B88 blocks the punt and the ball rolls into the EZ. B14 attempts to secure the ball in the EZ but he is touching the SL when he finally controls the football. Touchdown, safety or touchback?

  3. With less than 2 minutes remaining in the game the RT is trailing by 9 points as K prepares to punt from its 4 YL. During the kick, K2 holds R4 in the EZ. R5 returns the punt for a TD.

  4. A. 4/9 @ B 31 YL. A2’s FG attempt strikes the ground at the B 4 YL and rebounds high into the air. B14, who was waiting at the B 10 YL, turns, runs, and leaps to possess the ball in the air at the B 1 YL. B14’s momentum carries him into the EZ where he lands and then runs with the ball to the A 27 YL before he is tackled.

  5. A. 2/10 @ A 30 YL. QB A6 takes the long snap, runs to his right and throws a forward pass which is caught by eligible A41 at the A 28 YL. A41 is immediately tackled at that spot. After A6 released the ball B51 was flagged for roughing the passer. Outcome?

  6. A, 2/10 @ B 22 YL. QB A2 drops back to pass. He fumbles the ball at the B 27 YL. B50 recovers the fumble and advances to the A 48 YL where he is tackled. After B50 recovered the fumble and before the end of the play four B substitutes stepped into the field at the 50 YL and cheered, but they did not move to participate in the play nor hinder any A players. Possession, down and distance?

  7. K scores and lines up for the Try in scrimmage kick formation. K15 kicks the ball but it is partially blocked by RT 88. The ball is rolling at the RT’s 3 YL when K19 rushes forward, recovers the ball and runs the ball into the RT EZ. Two-point conversion?

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. Prior to the game, game management informs the R that they will provide a microphone for him to use during the game. As the R prepares for the game he realizes that the HT PB can control what is heard in the stadium from that microphone. HTgame management informs the R that he must use the microphone and that the R used that microphone last week.

  2. On the first KO of the game K10’s kick is received at the RT 18 YL and returned to the RT 26 YL. On the next KO by this team the HL and LJ take their IP’s at the RT 10YL. For the next KO by this team what is the IP for the HL and LJ if they can’t agree whether to be at the GL or the RT 10YL?

OHSAA Regulations

  1. Late in 2Q, with the VT attempting to score, it is noted by the BJ that the GC doesn’t stop for approximately 10 seconds. The Crew corrects the GC and the quarter continues. Two additional times in the 2Q it is noted by the Crew that the GC is not being stopped or started as directed by the Crew.