2016 Quiz 7 - Your Call

This week’s Rules Geek is prepared by Dave Ramsey in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. A. 3/9 @ B 35 YL. QB A2 takes the snap, drops back, runs to his right, and as he nears the LOS he pushes the ball forward (pass) using both hands at the B 36 YL. Eligible receiver A39 catches the ball at the B 30 YL. B54 takes 2 additional steps after A2 releases the ball and hits A2 from the side knocking him to the ground. A39 runs to the B 15 YL, where he fumbles the ball backward and the ball is recovered by A80 at the B 20 YL Possession, down and distance?

  2. A1 throws a pass into B’s EZ where B23 intercepts and attempts to run the ball out of his EZ. As B23 is about to get tackled in his EZ he passes the ball backward to B25 who in turn throws the ball over the EL. Possession, down and distance?

  3. B54’s helmet comes completely off during an attempt to tackle A32. After disengaging, B54 puts his helmet back on, and then resumes his pursuit of runner A32. B54 is then blocked by A76.

  4. A1 throws a FP that is intercepted by B1 on B’s 30 YL and returned 70 yards along the B SL for a TD. During B1’s run, the covering official is forced to change his course to run around an assistant B coach who is in B’s RA. The covering official drops his flag near B’s RA. Later during the return, B12, a non-player, leaves the team box and runs alongside (yet OOB) B1 all the way to the GL. B12 never enters the field of play during the down. The R flags B12 for a non-player foul.

  5. A15 is injured and is treated on the field. A subsequently requests a time-out. During the next down, A15 runs 20 yards for the go-ahead score. Following the score, B requests a time-out so the HC may discuss A15’s participation with the R.

  6. A, 2/10 @ A 40 YL. A9 takes the snap, drops back and throws a legal forward pass to A87 who catches it & is tackled at the B 39 YL. During the play A52 is flagged for holding B77 at the A 35 YL. B accepts the penalty. Down and distance after the penalty is administered?

  7. In the 1Q, the assistant coach for A accidentally collides with the LJ in the restricted zone while the LJ is covering a play. A is penalized 15 yards for illegal personal contact by a non-player. Later in the second quarter, the BJ is covering a play near the SL and observes an assistant in the restricted area during the play.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. Which official checks the legality of the tee used for the KO?

  2. On a hot, humid night K players take their positions behind their free kick line for the opening KO with their helmets off. After the BJ (5 Man Crew) hands the FB to the kicker, all K players put their helmets on and snap up. Legal?

OHSAA Regulations

  1. With 6 minutes remaining in the 3Q the field lights go out on one side of the field. Both HC’s advise the officials they agree to continue the game with some of the field lights out. Are they allowed to make this decision?