2016 Quiz - Week 6

This week’s Rules Geek is prepared by Jerry Peters in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. A, 2/10 @ B’s 40 YL. A1’s is downed @ B’s 30 YL. During the run time expires in the 2Q. Also during the run the LJ runs into B’s HC in the restricted area. Crew decides to extend the period for one untimed down.

  2. A, 3/12 @ A’s 2 YL. A1 drops back into A’s EZ. B1 grasps A2’s (snapper) jersey and throws him to the ground. B2 blitzes through the hole where A2 was and sacks A1 in his EZ. U flags B1 for holding. R signals safety. After a discussion with the Crew the R again signals safety and signals the B’s holding foul will be enforced on the succeeding FK spot.

  3. K, 4/14 @ R’s 27 YL. K’s FG attempt is short and crosses R’s GL. The officials place the ball @ R’s 27 YL, 1/10 for RT.

  4. The score is 14-7, B ahead. As time expires on the 4Q and during the play B1 is penalized for UNS. A’s HC chooses to have the penalty enforced on the succeeding spot if A’s kicker makes the Try. The Try is good. In OT A chooses offense. The Crew enforces the penalty half the distance from the 20 YL. A’s ball 1/G @ B’s 10 YL.

  5. A, 3/10 @ B’s 20 YL. A is out of TO’s. With: 08 remaining in the 4Q A1 goes under the snapper. The ball is snapped and A1 muffs the snap and the ball falls to the ground. A1 picks it up quickly and spikes the ball. The R signals incomplete pass and 4th down.

  6. K, 4/15 @ K’s 40 YL. K’s punt is away and high in the air. K1 stops 1 yard in front of R1 who is in position to catch the ball and starts waving his hands in R1’s face.

  7. A, 2/G @ B’s 10 YL. At B’s 3 YL, right tackle A60 grasps runner’s A2’s waist and pulls him into the EZ.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. A, 3/10 @ A’s 2 YL. A1 is tackled in A’s EZ near the GL. The R signals safety.

  2. After a play where the LJ has ruled a ball carrier down before he fumbled the LJ comes in and sounds his whistle 5 times to ensure all players know the play is dead.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. During live ball play a whistle is heard in the stands and some players stop or hesitate on the field.