2016 Quiz 5 - Your Call

This week’s Rules Geek is prepared by Dave Ramsey in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. As the captains for the HT walk out for the CT, the U notices one of the captains is carrying a replica professional wrestling belt over his shoulder. This replica belt has no distinctive writing on it. Should the U allow this captain to participate in the CT carrying this belt?

  2. A, from their 40 YL, completes a long pass to A27, who runs to the B 2 YL and fumbles the ball into B’s EZ. B44 picks up the loose football in B’s EZ and proceeds to advance out of his EZ. The BJ sounds his whistle as B44 is still one yard deep in his EZ. Whose ball is it and where should it be spotted?

  3. A, 4/6 @ A 35 YL. A decides to punt. During the kick, R88 blocks K 13 in the back (BIB) at the RT’s 45 YL. On the tackle of the punt returner at RT’s 40 YL, K54 commits a targeting foul. The covering official determines the targeting foul is flagrant. Whose ball is it and where should it be spotted?

  4. K, 4/8 @ K 40 YL. K23 kicks from a scrimmage kick formation. R9 is in position to receive the kick at the R 10 YL, but backs away after giving a legal fair catch signal. The ball strikes the ground at the R 4 YL and bounces high into the air. K19, who ran to the RT GL, turns and with both feet in the R EZ, extends his arms toward his GL and downs the ball at the R 1 YL. Where will R put the ball in play?

  5. A, 2/8 @ B 20 YL. At the snap QB A7 turns, runs a few steps and then executes a backward pass to trailing back A24 who proceeds up field. B51 grasps the middle of the back of A24’s jersey with his hands and pulls A24 backward and to the ground at the B 19 YL. Was a foul committed? Down and distance?

  6. A, 2/G @ B 8YL. 6 seconds remain in 4Q. B leads by 7 points. A4 runs for a TD as time expires. B57 commits a personal foul during the TD run.

  7. A, 1/10 @ A34 YL. At the snap, QB A12 throws a forward pass intended for eligible A82 who is at the A 39 YL. The FB crosses the NZ. A82 leaps to make the catch but muffs the FB into the air and backward. Lineman A64 who was ineligible at the snap catches the ball at the A 34 YL and runs to the A 45 YL, where he is tackled.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. With 2:30 remaining in the 3Q the U notices that A55 is approaching fouling status. During the next dead ball period the U calls time-out and escorts A55 to his bench and informs the HC of A55 actions. When can A55 re-enter the game and did U handle the situation appropriately?

  2. With 15 seconds remaining in the 4Q & the score tied on a windy night, RT10 makes a legal fair catch of his opponent’s scrimmage kick. The fair catch is made at the KT’s + 30 YL. With the score tied, the RT decides to attempt free-kick in order to win the game. Which official has the KT free-kick line and which official has the RT free-kick line?

OHSAA Regulations

  1. Prior to the game the Crew notices only one common exit point from the playing field. At halftime intermission, as both teams attempt to leave the field and proceed to their assigned LR, the Crew holds the HT until the VT has exited. Were they correct? When should the Timer start the GC for half time intermission?