2015 Quiz 9 - Your Call

This week’s Your Call is prepared by Dave Ramsey in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. Quarterback A1 drops back and throws a forward pass toward the sideline to A2 who is behind the neutral zone. B1 blocks A2 with a legal block behind the line prior to A2 touching the ball. The pass falls incomplete. The Wing official throws a flag for DPI as B1 didn’t give A1 the opportunity to move toward or catch the pass. Where do we administer the foul?

  2. Prior to the game starting, A85 is noticed to have professionally manufactured compression shorts that have knee pads built in. The knee pads are 1⁄2 inch thick shock absorbing material. A85’s pants then cover the knee and knee pads. But, A85 doesn’t have knee pads in the pockets of his/her pants. Legal?

  3. After their Try, the KT’s KO is kicked into the ground at the KT 44 YL and the ball rebounds into the air. K27 jumps up and bats the ball towards RT’s goal line at the KT’s 47 YL. The ball is recovered by K44 at RT’s 42 YL. Who’s ball is it and at what YL?

  4. With the score 14 for the HT and 12 for the VT, the HT has the ball 4th and 15 from their own 3 YL. There is 18 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter. The HT kicker K1 is punting into a very strong wind. The wind holds up K1’s kick and R44 calls for a fair catch and catches the ball at their +12 YL. What are RT’s options at this time?

  5. During a Try, the holder (K14) of the place­kick Try flips the ball backward over his shoulder to the kicker (K44) who throws a pass to eligible K19. K14’s knee was on the ground when he/she pitched the ball to K44. Legal?

  6. During a Try, K22 comes in as the snapper. He is in the middle of the formation with four other linemen numbered 50 to 79 surrounding him. K22’s snap goes over the head of holder (K15) and after rising; K15 secures the football and immediately looks down­field for a receiver. K15 throws a pass to K22 who went into the end­zone after seeing K15 scrambling around in the backfield. Touchdown?

  7. It is third and 6 from A’s 45 YL. A1 advances to B’s 30 where B1 grabs his face mask/helmet opening in attempting the tackle. Before A1 can be tackled he/she hands off to A2 who is subsequently tackled on the 20 YL. Where is the basic spot of enforcement if A accepts the penalty for B1’s foul?

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. In play #3 above, would the officials throw a bean bag or a flag at the KT47?

  2. What is the IP for the Wings if during a Try the KT takes a muddle huddle position after breaking the huddle? Would the Wings need to change their IP if the KT legally shifts to a traditional kicking formation?

OHSAA Regulations

  1. Just prior to the 2nd half kick­off, the game is suspended for inclement weather. After waiting 30 minutes from the last time lightning flash sighted or thunder heard, the teams re­enter the field. Should the captains be asked if they want to change their choice of options?