2014 Rules Geek - Quiz 8

This week’s Rules Geek is prepared by Jerry Peters in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. K, 4/10 @ K’s 40 YL. 2 seconds left in the 2Q. K1’s punt is away as time expires in the 2Q. After the down K1 piles on, then R2 punches K1 and then K1 punches R2. R signals all dead ball fouls offset and raises the ball indicating the end of the 2Q. He also signals K1 and R2 are disqualified.

  2. During a kick Try B1 holds and the Try is successful. R explains to A’s HC that the option is to decline the penalty and the Try is good or take the penalty and re-try the untimed down.

  3. A, 4/G @ B’s 2 YL. Runner A1 is pushed in the back by A2 at B’s 1 YL. A1 goes forward and the LJ signals TD.

  4. A, 3/4 @ B’s 48 YL. A1 advances to B’s 45 YL. During the run B1 holds. The penalty is accepted. At the end of the down: 03 remain in the 3Q. Because the penalty was the only reason the GC was stopped, it is started with the RFP signal and the 3Q ends before A snaps the ball. The R signals there will be an untimed down.

  5. A, 2/G @ B’s 5 YL with: 12 seconds remaining in the 4Q. A1 advances to the 1 YL. After the ball is dead, B1 fouls. The GC is stopped with: 05 remaining in the 4Q. The GC is restarted when the ball is marked RFP. Before A can snap the ball, time expires.

  6. A, 3/12 @ B’s 24 YL. A1 breaks free on B’s 20 YL and is near B’s GL on a run which will score the go ahead TD. Just before entering the EZ, A1 turns and taunts B1. Time in the 4Q expires during the run.

  7. A1 receives the snap behind his own GL. A1 advances, but is tackled and the ball becomes dead with its foremost point in the field of play, but part of the ball is in A’s EZ.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. The crew decides that they will wrap the balls of their flags in pink tape for cancer awareness.

  2. K’s KO goes OOB at R’s 31 YL. The LJ throws his flag high into the air and goes to the spot where the ball went OOB and stops there. The BJ runs to the HC and gives K’s coach his penalty choices.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. Some players stop or slow down during a down from a whistle in the stands.