2014 Rules Geek - Quiz 4

This week’s Rules Geek is prepared by Jerry Peters in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. A, 2/10 @ B’s 37 YL. A1’s legal forward pass is intercepted by B1 @ B’s 3 YL. B1’s own momentum takes him into his EZ. While B1 is still in his EZ and before he is downed the BJ blows an inadvertent whistle. The BJ signals a TB and the crew places the ball at B’s 20 YL 1/10.

  2. A, 3/24 @ B’s 40 YL. During A1’s run the LJ comes into contact with A’s HC in the restricted area at B’s 35 YL. The LJ drops a flag. A1 is then downed at B’s 15 YL. The R gives the signal for UNS on A’s HC. The crew enforces the 15 yd penalty from B’s 35 YL.

  3. A, 2/15 @ B’s 45 YL. A2 (receiver) is near the SL at the snap. To avoid contact A2 runs OOB @ B’s 43 YL. He runs along the SL OOB for 6 yds. then returns to the field @ B’s 37 YL and blocks B5 after A3 catches a legal forward pass. The LM throws his hat at the spot where A2 went OOB and then the LM drops his flag at the spot where A2 blocked B5.

  4. A, 4/10 @ A’s 10 YL. A1 rolls out up field and throws a forward pass @ A’s 12 YL. B1 intercepts A1’s pass @ B’s 40 YL. B1 runs the ball and is downed @ A’s 10 YL.

  5. A, 2/8 @ A’s 25 YL. A1 drops back to pass. B1 grasps and turns A1’s facemask @ A’s 21 YL. A1 fumbles the ball. A2 recovers the fumble, advances it, and is downed @ B’s 10 YL.

  6. A turns the ball over on downs. Before the ready for play signal B’s HC is flagged for UNS. The officials mark off the penalty and it’s now 1/25 for B.

  7. A, 3/6 @ B’s 35 YL. The ball is snapped over A1’s head. A1 picks up the ball @ his 48 YL. Before A1 throws the ball A2 is flagged for holding @ the 50 YL. The U marks the penalty from the 50 YL to A’s 40 YL, 3/31. A’s HC argues that he’s being incorrectly penalized 25 yds. for a holding foul.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. K, 4/G @ K’s 15 YL. K1 (punter) is standing on K’s 3 YL. The R’s IP is in K’s EZ midway to the EL.

  2. K, 4/G @ R’s 9 YL. K1’s FG attempt is wide right. The BJ and U signal no score (X2) and then the BJ waves his hands to the right (X2) indicating the kick was missed to the right.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. During the 2nd quarter the stadium lights go out on the South End of the field.