2014 Black and White - Quiz 5

This week’s Black and White prepared by Larry Clemmons in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. K is attempting an onside kick. K1 drives the ball into the ground and the ball bounces high into the air and crosses R’s restraining line (breaks the plane). The ball is in the air and R36 is looking up at the ball at R’s 48 YL when K89 blocks R36 (not targeting). Is R36 a defenseless player?

  2. K, 4/7 at B’s 15 YL. K13 is in position to kick. Holder K34, (a) fumbles the ball as he places it and he recovers the ball with his knee still on the ground and then rises and runs to B’s 7 YL & tackled, or (b), muffs the snap; the ball rolls away and K34 rises to recover and then returns to his knees to place the ball at B’s 22 YL.

  3. A16 runs toward the right SL and is tackled at B’s 40 YL. During the run, A89 jerks B19’s helmet off while both are OOB at B’s 46 YL. Where is the penalty enforced?

  4. A, 4/G on B’s 6 YL. A40 tries the left side and (a) with his feet still inbounds, extends the ball over the SL and breaks the plane of the GL extended. He is then knocked OOB before any part of his body crosses the GL, or (b) he dives and while airborne, the ball breaks the plane of the SL and then the GL extended.

  5. The ball is snapped from the right hash mark. A77 is called for holding at the LOS in the center of the field. In (a) the play ends 8 yards behind the LOS on the left hash mark, or (b) the play ends 8 yards beyond the LOS at the left hash mark. Where is the penalty enforced from?

  6. In order to gain a first down does the ball have to be beyond the foremost rod on the line to gain equipment?

  7. A, 2/15 at A’s 2 YL. A18 is tackled just beyond the GL (inches) with the long axis of the ball parallel to the GL. How do you handle the placement of the ball?

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. At the end of each play the LJ and LM are coming all the way in to the pile. Is this the correct mechanic for normal plays?

  2. What is the proper mechanic for throwing the flag on dead ball fouls and fouls at the snap?

OHSAA Regulations

  1. As the VT is being brought out from the stadium for the 2nd half, students from the HT start throwing debris on the players.