2014 Black and White - Quiz 3

This week’s Black and White prepared by Larry Clemmons in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. After a successful Try, there is a PF against the RT. The penalty is enforced and K’s KO is from R’s 45 YL. The kick goes OOB untouched at R’s 10 YL. What are R’s options?

  2. A22 on a sweep to the right, “straight arms” B55’s helmet in an attempt to avoid being tackled. Legal?

  3. B36 is attempting to tackle QB A12 when he (a) makes illegal helmet contact, (b) grasps and pulls A12’s face mask, or (c) commits a horse collar tackle. The pass is thrown forward and incomplete. Same set of circumstances, but A12 keeps the ball and is tackled behind the LOS.

  4. K1 identifies himself as the kicker to the BJ on a FK. K1 stays between K’s 35 –&40 YL after the RFP. There are 5 players on each side of K1. K2, who is standing next to K1, loops around K1, staying within the 5 yard belt, and kicks the ball.

  5. Actual game. A is behind 22 – 20 with 1:10 left in the fourth quarter. A1, on fourth down, completes a forward pass that is close to a first down. The down field officials stop the clock and the R signals a first down. The chain crew moves to the new location. As the R slowly gets down field, he realizes that it’s not a first down. The R then rules that the ball is short of a first down and awards the ball to B. Can a correction be made?

  6. A, 3/G at B’s 1 YL with 12 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter and A is behind by four points, A16 advances to the 1⁄2 YL. B13 commits a 5 yard face mask penalty during the play. The clock is stopped with five seconds remaining in the game. The clock is restarted when the ball is marked RFP. Before A can snap the ball, time expires.

  7. A, 4/7 at B’s 42 YL. A26 runs OOB and picks up 6 yards. B6 commits a dead ball late hit. How should the R handle signaling?

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. During the 2nd half with the Point Differential Rule in effect, K1 onside kicks the ball & K2 recovers the kick after it goes 10 yards & touches the ground. How is the clock handled?

  2. After an incomplete pass the BJ throws the ball to the SL by bouncing it on the ground or kicks it to the ball persons.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. With over a minute left in the game the VT’s HC, in frustration, walks onto the field with his team & concedes defeat. The time on the clock does not expire.