2013 Rules Geek - Quiz 7

This week’s Rules Geek prepared by Jerry Peters in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. A, 2/10 @ B’s 30 YL. A1’s pass is intercepted by B1 @ B’s 20 YL. After the COP B2 blocks A3 in the back at B’s 25 YL, B3 holds A4 @ B’s 29 YL, A2 then tackles B1 by grasping and twisting his facemask @ B’s 45 YL. Who will be the next team to snap the ball and from where?

  2. A, 2/5 @ A’s 15 YL. A1’s throws a forward pass beyond the LOS and hits the U in the head. The ball bounces into the air and B1 catches it and runs it for a TD. The R tells B’s HC the ball is dead when it touches an official inbounds and the pass is considered incomplete.

  3. A, 4/G @ B’s 3 YL. Runner A1 fumbles the ball @ B’s 1 YL. The ball goes into B’s EZ and is recovered by A4 near the EL. The LJ bean bags the spot where A1 fumbled the ball. At the end of the down the LJ explains to the R the ball is dead where A1 fumbled the ball due to the 4th down fumble rule.

  4. A, 2/10 @ B’s 10 YL. A1 (QB) is in a pistol formation. A1 is calling out his count and stops and moves his hands abruptly toward the LOS and B1 encroaches.

  5. A, 4/11 @ A’s 10 YL. B1 who is lined up as a linebacker runs toward the LOS but does enter the NZ. A1, who is in a 3 pt. stance, thinking B1 is coming to hit him flinches due to B1’s charge. The LJ flags B1 for UNS for causing B to move.

  6. A,4/14@A’s35YL. Ahasatwotightendsonthesamesideoftheball. A1islinedupasatightendontheendof the line. A1 is in a 3 pt. stance and he rises up and goes back and assumes a position as a running back and gets into another 3 pt. stance. A2, who is now on the end of the line and is also a in a 3 pt. stance, rises up and moves out 4 YDS and sets as a wide receiver. The LM flags A2 for a FST for raising his hand since he was already set.

  7. A, 4/4 @ A’s 25 YL. A1 is scrambling as B1 grasps him and stops his forward progress @ A’s 20 YL. B1 is moving A1 backwards. The R sounds his whistle to end the play. B1 continues to attempt to bring A1 to the ground and lifts A1 up and slams A1 to the ground @ A’s 16 YL.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. A, 1/G @ B’s 2 YL. A1 runs up the middle and is stopped at the 1 YL he sticks out the ball and it crosses the GL. The U yells out “Yes”…”Yes” he’s in loudly so the Wing officials can hear him.

  2. A, 4/12 @ B’s 45 YL. A is in punt formation. The LJ is on his SL as the ball is on the hash mark nearest him. The LM is within 10 yds. of the nearest player to him near the numbers in his SZ.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. The crew arrives on the field to conduct the pregame with the coaches. The VT HC informs the R the hash marks are placed incorrectly. The officials check this out and discover he is right, the hash marks are incorrect.