2013 Black and White - Quiz 10

This week’s Black and White prepared by Larry Clemmons in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. A, 3/9 from B’s 30 YL. A19 throws a legal forward pass that airborne A88 and airborne B17 simultaneously gain possession at B’s 3 YL. In (a) A88 lands in B”s EZ and B17 lands in the field of play. The ball breaks the GL plane. In (b) A88 lands in the field of play and B17 lands in B”s EZ. The ball is at B’s 1⁄2 YL. In (c) A88 lands in B”s EZ and B17 lands with one foot OOB.

  2. K, 4/8 on K’s 45 YL. Kicker, K13 receives the snap and begins taking normal kicking steps when he throws a pass under hand, downfield, that resembles a punt, to A82. Linemen do not go downfield. R18 blocks A82 downfield and the pass falls incomplete.

  3. A, 3/11 on A’s 40 YL. A86 runs a sideline pattern and steps OOB at B’s38 YL and returns inbounds at B’s 34 YL. A19 throws a legal forward pass to A86 which: (a) is overthrown and falls incomplete, (b) is caught by A86 at the B30 YL where he is tackled, or (c) is in flight to A86 when B40 interferes with A86 and the pass is incomplete.

  4. A, 1/10 at A’s 30 YL. A lines up three receivers on one side of their formation. A10 throws a forward pass to the rearmost receiver, A81, at A’s 28 YL. B22 evades the blocking of the other receivers and blocks A81 in the front, above the waist, before the ball arrives.

  5. A, 1/10 at B’s 25 YL. B35 intercepts A10’s pas in B’s EZ. During B35’s return, B15 holds in B’s EZ and (a) A66 tackles B35 by the face mask at B’s 15 YL or (b), A66 tackles B35 by the face mask at B’s 15 YL, causing B35 to fumble with A78 recovering at B’s 20 YL.

  6. K, 4/8 from R’s 37 YL. K’s scrimmage kick is beyond the NZ when R13’s helmet comes off without a foul. R13 continues blocking at R’s 8 YL to prevent K from downing the ball before it goes into the EZ. The ball breaks the plane of the GL and results in a TB.

  7. During a successful Try from the left HM, A commits a foul for an illegal formation. A’s HC requests that the ball be placed in the middle of the field for the replay of the Try.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. How should officials communicate inside two minutes on the clock?

  2. How should the Wings communicate to the R as to wind the clock or don’t wind the clock on close OOB plays that result in a first down?

OHSAA Regulations

  1. The half time score is 55 – 0. The HC of the team behind informs the R that he does not want to play the second half of the game. He only had 15 players at the start of the game, and most of them had to play both offense and defense. He reports that his players are worn out after the firs half and he did not want to risk injury to his players.