2013 Rules Geek - Quiz 8

This week’s Rules Geek prepared by Jerry Peters in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. A, 4/4 @ B’s 20 YL. K sets up in a FG formation. The K linemen are standing on the LOS. The holder starts yelling out his cadence and suddenly on one of the words all K players quickly and abruptly shift down into a 3 pt. stance. 3 R players encroach. The LJ and LM both throw flags and signal FST on R.

  2. K players huddle behind their free kick line to start the game. All K players break and run toward the ball but then stop before reaching their free kick line. 2 R players come across their free kick line thinking K is attempting an onside kick.

  3. A, 3/12 @ B’s 45 YL. A is in a 5 wide spread formation. A2, A3 and A4 are on the right side of the field. The ball is snapped and A1 throws a forward pass to A4. A2 and A3 are blocking their opponents down field after the snap but stop just before the ball is thrown.

  4. A, 2/6 @ B’s 30 YL. A1 realizes he’s supposed to be on the field. A only has 10 players on the field. A1 runs on the field and gets set on the LOS about 7 yds from A’s SL just before the ball is snapped.

  5. A, 4/11 @ A’s 49 YL. A1 leaves the field and goes into his team box area. A’s HC is upset with A1 for coming off the field as he’s A’s up back on the punt team. A1 runs back onto the field and assumes his position in the punt formation. The ball is snapped and punted.

  6. A, 3/15 @ B’s 35 YL. A2 runs toward B’s GL. A2 fumbles near the SL at B’s 2 YL. The fumbled ball crosses the GL inside the pylon. B recovers the fumble with his one foot touching the SL.

  7. K, 4/7 @ R’s 20 YL. Before the snap all K lineman line up with their legs behind each other (“locked”) to close the gaps.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. A, 1/G @ B’s 7 YL. The ball is on the right HM. The LM positions himself 2 yds outside of the SL and the LJ comes into the field where he’s no more than 10 yds. to the nearest A player on his side of the field.

  2. A, 2/7 @ B’s 45 YL. At the snap A2 runs 2 yds and goes OOB on his own and runs in the restricted area for 5 yds. then comes back in at B’s 38 YL where he blocks B2. The LM throws his flag where A2 comes back into the field for illegal participation.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. A, 2/8 @ B’s 9 YL in OT. The score is 10-10 A1’s pass is intercepted by B1. B1 runs the ball 91 yds. the R follows the play in reverse mechanics and signals TD.