2013 Black and White - Quiz 8

This week’s Black and White prepared by Larry Clemmons in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.


  1. K, FK from their 40 YL. K, in (a) kicks from the left HM and positions 10 K players to the right of the kicker, or (b) kicks from the left HM and positions 7 players to the right of the kicker and 3 to the left side of the kicker.

  2. K, 4/8 on K’s 35 YL. Kicker, K13 runs to his right and “rugby” kicks the ball to K22 who is at K’s 33 YL. K22 catches the kick and runs to K’s 45 YL.

  3. K, 4/12 on K’s 30 YL. After K13’s punt lands on R’s 35 YL and bounces high into the air, R28 gives a FC signal at his 30 YL where he grabs the ball and is immediately tackled by K76.

  4. K, 4/12 at K’s 30 YL. K13 punts and R33 signals for a FC. R26 catches the ball at R’s 35 YL and is immediately tackled cleanly by K25. R26 fumbles when hit and the ball is recovered by K44 at R’s 22 YL.

  5. K, 4/6 from R’s 10 YL. On a FG attempt, holder K12 muffs the snap. K1 kicks the loose ball between the uprights.

  6. A, 2/8 at A’s 11 YL. A10 takes the snap and fumbles the ball at A’s 8 YL. The football is rolling slowly at the A 6 YL when B77 attempts to recover the ball but he is pushed by A10 and muffs the ball into A”s EZ. In the judgment of the covering official the push by A10 provided a new force to the ball. The ball is (a) recovered in the EZ by A10 who is then tackled in the EZ; or (b) recovered in the EZ by B77.

  7. K, 4/12 on K’s 45 YL. K6 kicks the ball high into the air. The football comes down at R’s9 YL and bounces into the air toward R’s GL. K19, who is standing with his feet in R’s EZ, leans forward out of the EZ and bats the football toward his own GL at R’s 1 YL. In (a), R15 recovers the rolling ball at R’s 3 YL and returns it to R’s 30 YL. In (b) R15 recovers the ball at R’s 3 YL, circles back into R’s EZ and is tackled in the EZ.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. What is the proper mechanic when any A/K player goes OOB without being blocked.

  2. On a recently televised game the R, U, and BJ were wearing pink whistles, and the LM and LJ were wearing black whistles.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. Heavy rain is moving into the area and the HT wants to move the starting time up before the rain begins. The VT is in agreement and the officials are on site.