2013 Rules Geek - Quiz 6

This week’s Rules Geek prepared by Jerry Peters in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. A, 4/9 @ B’s 25 YL. A1 is legally hit as he throws a forward pass @ B’s 35 YL. Ineligible A74 catches A1’s pass @ B’s 28 YL. The R and U throw a flag for illegal touching by A74. The R tells B’s coach “you want to decline this and take the ball right? Is this the only option for B’s HC?

  2. A, 3/6 @ A’s 40 YL. A1’s forward pass is caught by A2 who runs for a TD. U throws a flag at the LOS for ineligible A2 being illegally downfield (IDF). R signals the IDF and loss of down.

  3. A1’s throws a forward pass to eligible A2 who is in B’s EZ. A2 sees eligible A3 standing in the EZ uncovered. A2 jumps and bats the pass to A3 who catches it for a TD. The LJ throws a flag for illegal batting.

  4. A, 4/6 @ B’s 45 YL. 4Q with 5 sec remaining and B leads by 4 pts. A1 runs 3 YDS beyond the LOS and throws a forward pass into B’s EZ. A2 catches the pass in B’s EZ. During the play the GC expires. The U drops a flag for illegal forward pass. B’s HC accepts the penalty and the R signals the penalty, and then signals that there will be an untimed down.

  5. 4Q with 1 sec remaining on the GC. K1 free kicks the ball from K’s 40 YL. K2 touches the ball at K’s 48 YL. The GC operator starts the clock when K2 touches the ball and the clock expires. The R raises the ball indicating the game is over.

  6. A, 4/10 @ A’s 30 YL. K1 punts the ball and R1 blocks K2 in the back downfield during the kick. The LM throws a flag for the block in the back. R1 catches the ball and runs for 2 yards before he is hit and fumbles the ball. K4 recovers the fumble. The R signals the block in the back and announces this is a foul that has PSK enforcement.

  7. A2 is running down the field. B1 who was blocked and fell is getting up off the ground with one foot, one knee and his left hand on the ground as he lunges forward to attempt to tackle A2. A2 hurdles B1 and runs for a TD. The BJ and LJ flag A2 for hurdling.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. Holding is called on A3. R asks B’s HC for his choice. B’s HC wants the penalty and R signals holding on A3.

  2. Joe is an R. He is Mic’d 6 out of 10 games. Joe does not give players numbers when he announces penalties as he believes it embarrasses the players who fouled.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. October is cancer awareness month. Bob (R) goes on-line and buys his crew pink whistles, pink flags and pink down indicators to wear for their games in October. His BJ refuses to wear any pink but the rest of the crew decides to wear the pink stuff.