2013 Rules Geek - Quiz 1

This week’s Rules Geek prepared by Jerry Peters in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

NFHS Rules

  1. KO. BJ hands the ball to K1. K1 places the ball on the tee for the KO on the home side hash mark on K’s 40 YL. The BJ runs to his position and just before he raises his hand to the R, K’s coach tells K1 to move the ball to the other side of the field.

  2. KO. K1 is out of the game due to an injury. K1 is also the KT’s only place kicker. K’s HC asks the R if his punter can punt the ball for a normal kickoff instead of using a tee since k1 is injured.

  3. KO. Late in the 4th quarter, KT is losing by 4 pts. K1 kicks an ungrounded onside kick after a TD. R1 signals for a fair catch but R2 catches the kicked ball at R’s 49YL. The U runs in and blows the play dead. RT’s HC is upset and says the ball is live since R2 caught the ball not R1. He requests a conference with the R. After the R’s explanation RT’s HC tells the R he wants to attempt a free kick after a fair catch.

  4. KO. K1 kicks the ball off to R1. R1 muffs the ball and K1 and R1 jointly recover the muffed ball at R’s 30 YL. The covering official rules that the KT receives possession of the kicked ball since the RT muffed the ball.

  5. KO. K1 kicks off from KT’s 40 YL. The kicked ball goes OOB untouched at R’s 40YL. The LJ throws his flag. The R gives the RT the option of a 5 yard penalty and have K re-kick or to take the ball 25 YDS from the previous spot, the R’s 35 YL.

  6. KO. K1 free kicks the ball from K’s 40 YL. K2 muffs the ball at K’s 49 YL. The ball then strikes R1 in the shoulder and then is muffed OOB by K3 at R’s 47 YL. The ball is placed at RT’s 49 YL, 1/10 for RT.

  7. KO. K1’s attempts an onside kick. R1 comes in and blocks K2 into the kicked ball at K’s 48 YL. The ball is recovered by R2 at RT’s 48 YL. The R signals first touching by K at K’s 48 YL and gives RT the option of taking the ball at K’s 48 YL.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. K1’s free kick is touched by K2 at K’s 47 YL. The U and BJ reach into their belt for their bean bags to mark the spot of first touching by K2.

  2. KO. K1’s first KO goes to R’s 10 YL; his second KO goes to RT’s 13 YL. The LM and LJ decide to move up to R’s 10 YL since K1’s first 2 KO’s were short of R’s GL.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. The field only has one team entrance/exit. At halftime the officiating crew runs to the exit and is escorted by the police away from the field. The 2 teams exit after the crew leaves the field.