2013 Black and White - Quiz 1

This week’s Black and White prepared by Larry Clemmons in association with Beau Rugg and Dr. Bruce Maurer. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

Scrimmage Kicks and KCI Rules

  1. K1 punts and R7 is about to catch the kick when K32 waves his hands near R7’s face, but makes no contact.

  2. K1 punts and R7 is about to catch the kick when K32 contacts R7 at R’s 25 YL. The ball hits R7 and (a) rolls to R’s 15 YL where it is recovered and downed by R22, or (b) rolls forward to R’s 41 YL where it is recovered and downed by R22.

  3. K1 punts from K’s 35 YL. K35 interferes with R10 at R’s 30 YL. R10 makes the catch and returns the kick for a TD.

  4. K, 4/7 from K’s 35 YL. K2 punts the ball into a strong wind and the ball hits the ground, untouched, at K’s 40 and bounces back behind the NZ where K34 picks up the ball and runs to K’s 43. Whose ball is it; what is the down, distance and clock status?

  5. A, 3/7 from A’s 25 YL. K7, in a “shotgun” formation and a strong wind at his back decides to “quick kick” the ball. The kick hits K66 in the back at the LOS and is recovered by K28 at K’s 23 YL. Whose ball, what is the down and distance, and clock status?

  6. K, 4/6 from R’s 40 YL. K3 punts the ball and R16, standing at his 10YL, lets the ball go over his head and it bounces into the EZ. During the kick, R20 holds at (a) R’s 12 YL, or (b) R’s 28 YL.

  7. K, 4/5 from K’s 30 YL. K’s punt crosses the NZ and is rolling at R’s 40 when R35 attempts to pick up the ball, but muffs it. R24 holds K23 10 yards downfield. K17 recovers the loose ball.

OHSAA Mechanics

  1. A10 “spikes” the ball from the “shotgun” position to stop the clock. The R correctly throws his flag for an illegal forward pass. The HC and fans begin to boo the R, thinking that it’s a legal play. The R, realizing the fans are confusing the rule with NCAA rules, uses the microphone to announce that in NF rules the ball can only be “spiked” from a direct hand to hand snap.

  2. K, 4/3 on K’s 37. The ball is positioned on the right hash and K2, a right footed kicker, is in position to kick the ball. The R is on the side of the kicking leg, which puts him in the side zone.

OHSAA Regulations

  1. The crew is in the locker room having their pregame when the home school’s AD comes in and informs the crew that the visiting team has ripped down the homecoming banner at one end of the field. He demands that the team be penalized for their conduct.