Uniform Rule Artficial Limb Rule

Question 1: A question came up last night at are rules meeting about pants covering the knee. This happened at a scrimmage last week-end. The same two or three players have pants that were not covering the knee were sent off for one play. Once they returned, after a few plays, the pants have ridden back past the knee, play sent off. This happened quite a few times during the scrimmage, with the player or players being sent off for one play. The question is, how many times do you send off the player before invoking rule 9-5-1-g, player refusing to comply with a game official’s request or unsportsmanlike rule 9-8-1-h against the coach?

Question 2: A artificial limb may be worn with OHSAA approval. We have some schools that play non OHSAA schools, out of state or from Canada. If a player has a artificial limb from one of those schools, do they still have to have OHSAA approval? Do they play if they do not?

For Question 1: Keep sending them off. The coach will get it corrected if he wants them to play. That was our experience last year. For Question 2: This is fine. They do not need permission.