Questions of the Week - Week 6

  1. When RT elects to take the ball at the spot of first touching; does R signal to PB (sig. 16)?


  1. In a game, one of the teams was using number 52 and 60 as non-lineman players. Both players started the game as running backs and continued in that regard the entire game. As the game went along, both players caught TD passes at various points in the game. The opposing coach was adamant that both plays should have been flagged as illegal. The official I spoke with checked the GB and found the section that references numbering requirements for 7th & 8th grade games, but is silent regarding 9th and JV games.

It is covered in the GB, P. 37, Section 17 A – “Numbering requirements do not apply to sub varsity games”.The Crew needs to ask both HC’s before the game whether they have any players who will wear ineligible numbers in eligible positions and the reverse. We had a # 48 who lined up as a tackle for a JV Game. We told the defense that he was ineligible and could not go downfield during the game.