Questions of the Week - Week 3 - Part II

  1. Just prior to the snap the BJ flagged B for illegal substitution. At the same time the U flagged A1 for a ssnap infraction. Both flags were throw at the same exact time. These are both dead ball 5 yard fouls. The R signaled illegal substitution on B and snap infraction on A. He then announced the fouls offset.

Assuming these did actually occur at the same exact time (????). These fouls should not have offset according to NFHS rule 10-2-5a. They should’ve been enforced in the order of which they occurred.

As an R, I ALWAYS try to ensure which team fouled first. In this scenario, if the DB foul on B went first then the DB foul on A didn’t happen or vice versa.

If this did occur then this should not be covered under the rule change of offsetting dead ball fouls which was a rule change in 2014 or 2015 that states equal UNS, non-player or DB personal fouls will offset.

The only person who would know “when they occurred” is the BJ since he knows when the B Illegal Substitution occurred. And if a defensive lineman is blocking the view of the Center, then probably nobody knows when each fouled occurred.

  1. I heard that when you escort a player to the coach and advise him that that the player is “Approaching Fouling Status,” that player must sit out at least one play. Situation: on a PAT, B66 is involved in some words/hand-fighting at the end of the play. HL informs HC of B66’s actions. After the KO, B66 comes in on offense (B66 was not normally on the KO team) - does this constitute having sat out a play?

Check the 4th sentence in the GB, P. 14, # 17A. HC can send him back in the game when he thinks “he is ready to play FB”. There is no set number of plays.