Questions of the Week - Week 3

  1. Quick question on OT. I know we bring the captains out for the first overtime and only flip once. Do we bring the captains out for each subsequent OT or just obtain choices and relay that information to the other sideline?

I would prefer you bring the captains out. It is good communication for the fans.

  1. KOM: On a TB the R signals, the wings come in to the numbers using their whistles. Do they also signal TB, kill the clock or give no signal?

KOM: The R and Wings signal TB. No need to stop the game clock since the TB signal kills the GC. Do you know the 4 signals that automatically stop the GC?

  1. When the wing gets to R&R 2 then QB threatens the LOS then crosses the LOS becoming a runner, I’ve been instructing officials to keep a distance by continuing down field then come back and spot as needed or to continue down field until speed of the runner passes us by. Most wings want to try and give up the ground down field to get behind the runner.

PM: The “most wings” are correct. They need to move into the Restricted Area and let the runner past them and then follow him. Why? The Wing is safer from a personal safety standpoint and they can then officiate the action ahead of the runner.

  1. During the pregame meeting with the head coach and officiating crew in each game, I asked if the players were properly equipped and the coaches each said that they were. In scanning the players warming up, the crew noticed some players that had exposed shoulder pads. This was pointed out to the head coach at the time and each was told that the pads need to be covered. The response of each coach was the same. They said that they were trying to comply with the rule and would do their best, but the cut of the unaltered jerseys made it extremely difficult for them to keep the shoulder pads completely covered. During the game, we repeatedly asked players to cover their pads. When they did, the pads would come uncovered again as soon as they went into their stance or participated in the play. My question is this. As I understand it, when this occurs the officials are supposed to inform the coach and play the game. If the situation continues during the game, we are supposed to inform you. What exactly do you suggest that we do or say on the field during the game? I have suggested bringing along extra jerseys for the players to change into or wearing t-shirts under the jersey that would cover the pads, but that seems inadequate at game time.

The teams need to do what it takes to cover the shoulder pads. They know the rule and players cannot play while pads are uncovered. It sounds as if you handled the situation well.

  1. A team’s jerseys have camouflage numbers, which I believe is illegal. I believe Rule 1-5-c states that numbers have to be a continuous color contrasting the jersey color or the same solid color as the jersey with a border.

I believe the numbers are legal as long as they contrast because 1-5-1c indicates continuous color(s) which would be more than one color.