Questions of the Week - Week 2

  1. BJ Mechanics: On a shotgun snap or a snap to the punter or holder and goes over the head of the receiver do you bean bag that ? I was told once that that is a backward pass and no need to bean bag that. What is the proper mechanic.

Correct, no bean bag needed.

  1. ​What about the knee sleeves with the padding built in and should they be permitted to be used in place of traditional knee pads?

The knee pads conform to 1-5-1d2. The pants still must cover the knee.

  1. ​I have a question about the IP for the BJ discussed on Section 31, B4 on page 22, when the ball is snapped between the the +15 to +10 yard lines. I understand the mechanic to mean that when the ball was on the +15 I start 5 yards deep in the EZ. If the next snap is on the +12 he should be 8 yards deep in the EZ, always keeping 20 yards from the snap until the ball got to the +10 and then go to the GL. I had an observer tell him that I should always be 5 yards deep in this situation until the ball gets to the +10 yard line.

The Observer was correct.​ We want the BJ to stay 5 YDS deep in the EZ when snapped from the + 15YL to +10 YL so he can move quickly to the GL if the receivers allow him to. We have seen many very good calls at the GL by BJ’s in the State Playoffs who moved up on running plays. Outside the + 10 YL it is difficult for the Wings to get to the GL on a quick run.