Questions of the Week - Week 1

  1. Momentum on an interception at the B2 and a face mask in the end zone by A/K and the ball goes out bounds at the 3. Since B supplies the force that carries the ball into the field of play, there is a foul by A in the EZ, and the ball is fumbled OOB, we should enforce from the GL no matter where the ball went out of bounds.

He got the enforcement right. Since the ball was fumbled from the EZ and forward into the field of play where it goes OOB, the momentum exception doesn’t apply. It only applies if the ball is declared dead in the EZ or goes OOB in the EZ. Therefore, the end of the run is in the EZ and by 10-4-7 the basic spot is the GL. See C.B. 10.4.7 - similar play.

  1. On page 10 under Bean Bag Mechanics Letter B & page 21 Punt Mechanics letter C #15, does this mean that we have to bean bag first touching?

BJ: Mark end of punt (PSK), except TB & fair catch, & first touching. Yes, the “first touching” needs a bean bag​. He needs to read the “commas” & where they are placed in the sentence. Plus this was NEVER said during the SRI Meetings. Common sense – if we do not mark the spot of first touching, how do we know where it is if B recovers a muff or the end of the run is behind the first touching spot.