Questions of the Week - 4

  1. On a two point try that is short of the goal line does the referee signal the PB that the try is no good?

Yes. We do NOT want the Wings to signal “No Score” if it is a run or pass that ends short of the GL. Why? One official might signal “no score” & the other official might give the TD signal for Try Successful. I personally observed this one year. See GB, P25, Section 35, C-5. The R will signal to the PB only after the opponents have separated from each other – Be a Great Dead Ball Official!!

  1. Are there any rules that prohibit the mechanical drying of footballs on the sidelines such as blowers or anything of that ilk?

There is nothing in the rules to prohibit this. Whatever is done on the sideling could cause the ball to not meet specifications, and thus the officials would not allow its use.

  1. On a PAT (going for 2), A1 scrambles back to the 16 where he is dragged down by his face mask by B23. What is the correct NFHS ruling?

It is a Running Play. Based upon the All But One any foul by B is enforced from the End of the Run. Therefore, the 15 YD FMK is enforced from B’s 16 YL to B’s 8 YL. Then replay the down. See 10-3 and 10​-4-4. The HS Rule is different than college & pro.

  1. What is the protocol for fans sitting close to the field?

As long as the people are outside the 6’ perimeter, this is a game management issue. Remember, if people are in the way of officials (like at the goal line), have them moved. If there is hard seating (couches. bleachers) close enough to the endline that you feel they pose a hazard, alert game management.

  1. 1st and 10. Runner A1 gains approximately a 5 yards. LJ calls B1 for a 5 YD facemask.

The U needs to check with the HL before walking off the 5 YDS to see if the down box (located at the succeeding spot) is behind tape on the chains or beyond the tape. That way we don’t have to measure after walking off the penalty. The R will announce that it is or is not a 1st down.