Questions of the Week - 3

  1. Does the R on free kicks watch that four players are on each side of the ball when kicked?

BJ & U watch the 4 players. The R can assist in a “back up” roll but the call needs to be made by the U and/or BJ since they are right there & can sound their whistles loud as the ball is being kicked. GB, P.15, Section 21, C-7; last sentence.

  1. Play situation. A has ball on B 23. QB drops back to pass and throws a ball halfway in the end zone where it is caught by receiver A about 5 yards deep and from my viewpoint about three yards from the OB line of the end zone. The BJ, I felt was in proper position near the center of the field about 7 yards deep in the end zone. The line judge did an R & R and burned to the end zone getting about 5 yards out when the ball was caught. The LJ looked at the BJ and both were “frozen” for a better term as who signals TD. Finally the BJ signaled TD. Correct call. There was some discussion as to who signals. I felt that the LJ should have, due to being near the OB line and the back of the receiver was to the BJ.

If the SL was an issue then they would both look at each other then signal together. If the receiver was not near the SL from the snap to the catch then he would probably feel comfortable signaling TD by himself. I believe that if you are 100% that it was a TD then signal TD, rather than worry who should signal TD. Of course we do not Mirror TD’s – the official must know it is a TD to signal.​ On a pass play into the EZ it is always better to be deliberate before signaling TD.

  1. If I’m not mistaken you all have said that the use of drones would be up to the home school. Do game officials have any say at all? What about our liability if a drone crashes on field and hurts someone or causes a game disruption?

Since it is Weeks 1 - 10 the Home School makes the decision whether to fly a Drone & where to fly it. I have only heard of one so far – a local TV station had a drone. The agreement was they could only fly it beyond the SL – in other words not over the field. HT Game management & the TV station agreed to this since it occurred Weeks 1 -10.​ Officials have no say during Weeks 1 - 10 per GB, P. 35. Section 6. I am not an attorney so therefore cannot comment on liability.