Questions of the day

A coach has used his 3 time outs for the half. He then wants a Coach Official Conference for a misapplicaiton of a rule. He is wrong, since we cannot charge him with a time out, is it a 5 yard delay of game foul or a 15 yard unsporstmanlike foul?

5-yard Delay of game (3-6-2c)

Can the Head Coach accompany his captains to the center of the field for the coin toss? Or does he have to stay at the Hash Marks?

No, Hash Marks.

On a kickoff the kicking team only has 3 players on one side of the kicker. The ball is then kicked. Who throws the flag and whistles the play dead?

The Umpire/Back Judge or the Referee. U/BJ. Gold Book page 15, 21-C-7.