Options during coin toss

Concerning the coin toss, several crews are giving different options:

  1. HT wins toss and defers, VT which direction do you wish to go.
  2. HT wins toss and defers, VT do want the ball, then ask the HT which goal do they want to defend.

What is the proper procedure?

*I always ask the team that wins the toss if they want to defer (since most do). I they say yes, I tap the captain on the shoulder & signal the Press Box “defer”. If they say no, I ask them if they want to receive (they all do). Then I ask the team that is not receiving to “put their back at the goal they wish to defend the 1st quarter”. That way I can memorize the direction I must run for the KO when I turn them, hopefully, the correct direction.

One time a Big 10 Referee asked the team which goal they wished to defend & the captain said “the North Goal” – the R did not know which goal was the “North Goal”. And this was on National TV.*