Two kicking plays

Two questions

  1. Player Out of Bounds. I understand the ruling as to why the ball is on the one yard line. This would be the same situation where R is straddling the sideline when he catches a kick off and the ball is in the field of play. My question is: why don’t we have illegal participation. The player is out of bounds by rule and he participated. Do we not enforce illegal participation until the player has both feet out of bounds? Rule 2-29-1 says when any part is touching out of bounds.

  2. Free Kick After Fair Catch. Can a player use a kicking tee for the free kick to score?

Let me answer point 2 first. Yes you certainly may use a tee on ANY free kick including following a fair catch. Now to point 1. My thought is that they believe this does not fit 9-6-1 because k did not come back inbounds. I think they believe it does not fit 9-6-2 because k did not go out of bounds “intentionally”. I do believe 9-6-1 and 9-6-2 are meant for obvious and intentional acts, so I agree with their ruling.