Sending a player to the sideline during hurry-up

This question concerns sending players off when they are close to getting an UNS. We have done this for years and haven’t had an issue. I am waiting for someone to ask me if we take an official’s TO for this. There are probably going to be times when a defensive player needs to be sent off but the offensive is in a hurry-up and the substitution can’t be made without being put at a disadvantage. Since we don’t want to put the defense at a disadvantage and we don’t want to penalize them when we have identified the issue I would go ahead and take an officials TO. Is this correct?

Send the player when it is appropriate – if A is in a hurry-up, then wait a few plays to where B is not gaining an advantage by the Officials calling an Officials Time-out. Player does not have to be sent immediately after the down is over; officials can wait a few downs until it is appropriate & neither team has gained an advantage.