Clarifications to Gold Book

There are two clarifications to the 2018 Gold Book.

Change #1: Add shaded statement below to your Gold Book, P. 43


Review NFHS Rule 3-5 (Concussions) & Suggested Guidelines for Management of Concussion. When a player is hurt an official must check with the HC and/or Medical Professional regarding type of injury. Once officials determine that a player exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion, the R & Wing will simultaneously notify the HC of the player’s removal from the game. The player may NOT reenter the game even if the doctor says he is okay. Injured player Rules apply. If a suspended game continues being played past midnight the concussed player may not reenter the game. However, if the suspended game is stopped & then rescheduled to be completed the next day (s) the concussed player may participate if he has completed the Return to Play Protocol.

Change #2: Regulations: Please add the shaded statement to your Gold Book, P. 37, Section 22C

JV Teams – KO’s: Both HC’s must give their mutual consent to have KO’s. If one HC does not want to KO, there will be no KO’s. Check with both HC’s before game. If no KO’s, spot the ball on – 35 YL, unless moved by a foul. If no KO’s, spot the ball on the 50 YL for a Safety, unless moved by a foul. If during the game, one HC no longer wants to have KO’s then both HC’s must mutually agree to have no KO’s during the remainder of the game. If both HC’s do not agree, then continue to have KO’s.